What to Know About Youth Employment


You clicked on this page, so you must be thinking about obtaining a job.  Good for you! Whether you are looking for paid employment, an internship or a volunteer opportunity, there are some things that you can do to get yourself started on the right path.

You will be ahead of the game if you get up to date on 21st century workplace expectations.  For instance you might want to be sure that:

  • You have a professional sounding email address. Luvs2partee@aol.com will raise suspicions that you aren’t focused on work or getting ahead. If your email sends a message like this, you may want to switch it to something more professional. An example of a professionally acceptable email address might be using your name with an important date (birthdate or grad date).  MClark13@aol.com is a perfect example of a professional email address.
  • Be sure that your cell phone greeting is professional sounding too. If an employer calls  and is met with, “Hey! Whaaaaaaaat’s Up?”, they might just think, not you. Done deal. However, if you change your email greeting to, “Hello, this is Mary Clark. I can’t take your call right now, but if you leave me your name and number, I will be sure to get back to you”, you might just get your foot in the door.
  • Make sure that the social media you use is appropriate. Employers, College Admissions staff and others may indeed take a look at your page to see what you do in your spare time. Be sure that you are proud of what the content represents.

Job Opportunities

All job opportunities that the Career Services office receives will be sent to Holliston High School students through Naviance (to student email listed) and will be posted on the School Counseling Instagram account. Students, please be sure that your email in Naviance is current so that these posts and all other important notices from the Guidance Office reach you.

Holliston High School Job Disclaimer: 

“As members of the Holliston Community, we are posting the following jobs. These postings are not endorsed by Holliston High School, nor would the school be responsible for issues resulting from the pursuit of these postings. It is the responsibility of the job seeker to determine which job is a best fit.”

MASSACHUSETTS WORK PERMITS:                                                                           MANDATORY FOR STUDENTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE:


All teens under the age of 18 must obtain a work permit after accepting a job offer.  Please find a copy of the Work Permit Application and information, based on age, on what jobs teens are allowed to do and those that teens are not allowed to do.  All restrictions and guidelines are in place to keep teens safe and secure at the job site


The Attorney General’s Office has put together, “The Guide For Working Teens”, to assist youth as they enter the workplace.  There are procedures and steps in place to help keep teens safe and protect them from dangers on the job. Also known as “Youth Employment Laws”, this guide outlines the steps to take in obtaining a work permit, knowing teens’ rights and responsibilities on the job, the legal hours a teen may work per age group,  what jobs are prohibited based on age,  and how to recognize and avoid a hazard on the job. PLEASE READ!

New Edition coming!

Work Permit applications can be picked up in the main office of Holliston High School or you can print the one below to complete.


What should all teens know about their rights as employees, how to keep themselves safe while working/interning and where to get help if needed:

View a teen produced video on keeping safe while on the job!


What should you know as a Working Teen? The following link provides safety and health information for young workers.  It answers questions often asked by the working teen. The information and resources will help to identify hazards on the job and the knowledge to keep you smart and safe!