Senior Project Elective

What is a Senior Project (SP) ?  Senior Project Application

A Chance to: Explore • Inspire • Create

The Senior Project is an opportunity for students in their final year of high school to explore and experience interdisciplinary topics of their choice that extend beyond the high school classroom.  This elective offering requires innovative and creative thought that allows  students to gain knowledge in a particular topic area that excites them.

The senior project should reflect a significant “learning stretch”.  That is, the student should show understanding/knowledge in a new career/academic/interest area, or take a current skill to a higher level.  Students will select a mentor and devise and implement a project plan.  The plan can draw upon past knowledge from varied courses of study, or stem from a passion derived from a hobby or talent.  The project should promote researching, hypothesizing, and increasing content knowledge and skill gain in the chosen topic area.

The Senior Project is a chance to broaden your horizons and should be a rewarding and fun experience!  You will find the Senior Project detailed in the link below. Of course, feel free to come in and talk with you Guidance Counselor or Mrs. Stone for further information and brainstorming!

Examples of Senior Projects Titles by Former HHS Students:

  1. Investigating Textile Chemistry for Fashion Design
  2. The Effects of Aging on Neurotransmitters in the Brains of Rhesis Monkeys
  3. My Window to Ghana
  4. Feminism in the Face of the 21stCentury
  5. The Songwriting Process
  6. Origins and Aura: Beginnings and Present