Senior Project Elective

“Experiential learning is a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting. It encompasses internships, service learning, undergraduate research, independent projects and other creative and professional work experiences.”


A senior project is an opportunity for students to explore and experience topics of their choice that extend beyond the classroom. They allow students to broaden skills and knowledge in a subject area that they have great interest in and to learn in an independent and experiential way.

Students will align with a mentor, someone who has expertise or experience in the particular field. Mentors and students will arrange their working schedule. Some students see their mentors daily while others check-in a couple of times of week. Students will have required meetings/check-ins with the Senior Project Coordinator throughout the term.

The Senior Project requires a final presentation and a reflective paper. Guidance is provided with: the brainstorming of topic ideas, the development of your project, keeping you on track, managing your time and with preparation for the final presentation and reflective paper.

Senior Project Application Timeline:

  1. Senior Project Applications are due One Month Prior to the Term start date.
  2. Brainstorming project topic ideas and help with securing a mentor available!
  3. Please make an appointment with Mrs. Stone to get the application process started during the term prior to when your senior project elective takes place.
  4. You can book an appointment with Mrs. Stone here:


Examples of Senior Projects Titles by Former HHS Students:

  1. Investigating Textile Chemistry for Fashion Design
  2. The Effects of Aging on Neurotransmitters in the Brains of Rhesis Monkeys
  3. My Window to Ghana
  4. Feminism in the Face of the 21stCentury
  5. The Songwriting Process
  6. Origins and Aura: Beginnings and Present