Senior Project Elective

“Experiential learning is a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting. It encompasses internships, service learning, undergraduate research, independent projects and other creative and professional work experiences.”


A senior project is an opportunity for students to explore and experience topics of their choice that extend beyond the classroom. They allow students to broaden skills and knowledge in a subject area that they have great interest in and to learn in an independent and experiential way.

SeniorProjectApplication – 2021 – 2022

Senior Projects – Examples!

Pandemic Independent Project – Building a Guitar (2020)

HHS Virtual Calming Room

“My goal was to generate a “Virtual Calming Room” website where students have easy access to a plethora of different anxiety-reducing practices. And I definitely accomplished just that and more. The site has a variety of different mediations students can follow along to, soothing hands-on activities, quick workouts, blissful sounds to listen to, and so much more. To say this journey and initiative has been inspiring, heartwarming, and insightful is such an understatement. I have truly gained so much knowledge on the power of the breath as well as the significance just a few moments of silence or focus can have on your mindset and even health. Truly so insightful!”

DIY Garden Bed

“Environmental science has recently proven to be a topic that I’m interested in and passionate about. With the Climate Crisis rapidly progressing, I can’t help but stress about the state of our planet. What better way to contribute to the slowing of global warming than to absorb carbon in my own backyard? On top of the environment, I also have learned that I thrive in a hands-on learning environment, which is likely why I loved the construction technology class so much. For my senior project, I would like to build my own garden bed where I will plant and grow vegetables. My project would combine two areas that I find interesting, and force me to go out of my comfort zone to take on such a large project all on my own.

I have taken three classes at Holliston high School that have given me important knowledge that I will use for this project. “Suburban Homesteading” taught me how to start seedlings, and the fundamentals of starting a garden. AP Environmental Science has taught me the importance of contributing to the environment and living sustainably; this course fuelled my passion for the field. Finally, the “construction technology” course taught me the basics of building, and how to use tools to build a stable structure. These courses have sparked my interest and given me important building blocks, and now I hope to take that knowledge and apply it to a project that is important to me.”

Storytelling Through Song

Music has always been one of my passions, and while I have enjoyed songwriting in the past, I have never had the opportunity to make quality songs that I’m really proud of. Between the limited materials usually at my disposal and lack of time/experience, it hasn’t been something I have had the opportunity to explore.

I would like to use my senior project block to create a short album of three original songs that I would record either in the music lab, depending on COVID, or at home using new software I now have access to. I would like these to be in contrasting musical styles while having a cohesive theme. 

Another one of my passions is writing and poetry. Songwriting would give me a great opportunity to combine them, as I could work with lyrics and music. By working hard to have a theme for the album, I will be able to work on thematic consistency in my writing as well as throughout musical pieces.

Brain Plasticity in Language

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