Internship Steps



  • Submit Internship Application
  • Submit a Work Resume

Applications submitted June of Junior Year 

Applications submitted during senior year on a rolling basis are handled on a first-come first-served basis.


Internship Planning:

  • Student meets individually with Internship Coordinator to assess interests, skill sets, post high school educational planning, potential internship sites and resume writing
  •  Individual meetings with student as needed to make best match placement
  • Group Meeting-Internship Site Placement and Interview Meeting (student interns recieve internship site placement and mentor contact information. Interview set up and interview skills reviewed)
  • Student Interns arrange and complete Internship Interview with Internship Site Supervisor/Mentor 
  • Group Meeting – Internship Course Requirement Meeting


 Interning! Learning while contributing to your Internship Site:

  • Students intern on average 6.4 hours per week, total 60 hours, ( weekly time sheets submitted)
  • Students use the DSB when it falls before and after their Internship Block to meet weekly hours
  • Students develop the Internship Portfolio as they intern to both document and reflect on their learning