Resume Writing Information

A resume is a a tool used to sell yourself when looking for a job or internship opportunity.  A work resume is different from the activity profile used when applying to colleges. The information used is often similar, but the work resume is a document that is targeted towards a specific career area and used when applying for a particular job or internship.
 Students looking for job and internship opportunties often relay to me that they have nothing to put on their resumes.  They share that they have never had a ‘real’ job, or they think they don’t have any skills.  I of course, beg to differ.
Using the worksheet in the document below, start creating your resume.  Think about all that you do, your hobbies, the classes that you like. How do you spend your free time? I bet that you will come up with lots of things that you enjoy during school, after school and on weekends. Maybe you have volunteered at the food pantry, or gone to Mississippi with your church group. Perhaps you play in a band or you like to play video games? There are skills and accomplishments that you possess that will transfer to an employment or internship site. The goal is to create a resume that will allow you to contribute to an organization while developing your skills sets and your interest in a field that is a good fit.  After all, we need to find a job that has the skills set and tasks that we enjoy, right?!
Ok then. Get going on your resume. See the information on resume writing below to get started.  And, if you need any help please come by the Guidance Office and see me. I am always happy to help you get started on your job/internship hunt!