Internship Block Schedules

Seniors who participate in the Internship Program as an elective course during the school year intern during their Internship Block plus the Directed Study Block (DSB) when the Internship Block falls before and after the DSB. This allows students to meet the total hourly requirement of the Senior Internship elective.

Example of Internship Schedule Rotation

Holliston High School’s Internship Schedule operates on a 4 day rotating basis. The Internship Class (aka the Block) takes place during the A, B, C or D blocks.

Term 2 Student Intern Schedules –  November 3, 2014- January 13, 2015

The schedules listed below show the ‘start and stop’ times of the Block (class) and do not include travel time to and from the Internship. A  typical commuting time is on average, 10 minutes.