Senior Internship Elective

The Senior Internship Program is offered in lieu of an elective course during a student’s senior year. The goal of the program is to allow students to get ‘real-world’ work experience that will enable them to make better college, career and life decisions. Students may intern for one term during their senior year.

Students must secure the endorsement of their Guidance Counselor and/or an Administrator based upon a proven record of:

  • Maturity and responsibility

  • Good academic standing

  • No major disciplinary issues

  • A good attendance record

  • Able to represent themselves/school in the community

The Career Internship Program allows students to:

  • Identify and explore career fields before they commit to years of preparation.

  • Receive academic credit for completed internship experiences.

  • Discover the relevance of their academic studies to work.

  • Learn the standards and expectations of the working world.

  • Evaluate their employment skills and needs.

  • Test their decision-making abilities in workplace settings.