Resume Writing Information


A resume is a tool used to sell yourself when looking for a job or internship opportunity.  A work resume is different from the activity profile used when applying to colleges. The information used is similar, but the work resume has specific characteristics that s a targeted document
Students looking for job and internship opportunities often relay to me that they have nothing to put on their resumes.  They share that they have never had a ‘real’ job, or they think they don’t have any skills.  I of course, beg to differ.

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Naviance: We encourage students to take advantage of the Naviance system’s resume building section. The program allows students to begin recording their activities, accomplishments, work experiences ect. in their freshman year and to continue to add and modify throughout high school.

The system offers helpful tips on resume writing, what type of information should be included on a resume and the ability to select a resume format and print the resume, just in time for the job, internship or college interview!


Quick and Easy Simple Resume:

My Future: Excellent step by step instructions on Resume Writing.