Interviewing Tips

INTERVIEWING well is critical whether it is for a job, a college, or an internship. Preparing for the Interview is as important as the Interview itself. Here are some key points to help you as you prepare for your interview:

GET TO KNOW A BIT ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION BEFORE YOU INTERVIEW  Research on the company/school/organization. What is their business? Why do you want to be a part of it?  Study the company’s website.

ARRIVE EARLY FOR YOUR INTERVIEW, know where the organization is ahead of time. Getting lost en route will only add stress to your day and have you not at your best to interview

MAKE A FIRST GOOD IMPRESSION, you only get one chance!


OFFER A FIRM HANDSHAKE that says, “I am happy to meet you!” Make eye contact, it lets the interviewer know you are engaged.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY by wearing clean and pressed clothing, be sure your hair is groomed and fingernails clean. No skin or undergarments showing!

BE PREPARED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS about yourself and about what you have written on your resume.  Ahead of time think about who you are, what skills you possess, how you can add to the organization. See sample questions !!!

ASK QUESTIONS so that you don’t leave the interview uninformed.  Good interviews are an exchange of information, a two-way dialogue between you and the Interviewer.

BE YOURSELF and let your own special characteristics shine through. Do not try to be something you are not.

ASK FOR A BUSINESS CARD so that you can write a thank you note after the interview. The card will have the contact information that you need. Restate your desire to be a part of the organization, and thank the interviewer for their time and the information they have provided you. Cite specific examples when possible.